A country wedding just outside wonderful city of Torino

A country castle wedding just outside wonderful city of Torino
This month we would love to talk you about a delicate and joyful wedding just outside the wonderful city of Torino. We’ve already told you about the charming appeal of this magic city, the city where former Italian Royal family used to live and former capital of Italy back 1861 and now a lively city and also capital of most famous Piemonte wines.

wedding in Cumiana

Despite of being very close to the city you will discover how pretty could be the hills that surrounds the area just perfect for a charming Italian Country Wedding.
We are going today in the little town of Cumiana, a little village close to bugger town of Pinerolo just about 20 minutes drive from Torino on the road leading to Sestriere – do you remember about Mina and Derek’s wedding on Olimpic Valleys?

wedding in Cumiana Torino

We would like to tell you about Aimee and Marco’s wedding thanks to great pictures taken by Maren Ollman Ottaviano in Torino.
Maren has a great style, the story telling is very spontaneous and simply unique.
Have a look to Alfredo and Lorena’s pictures in Sebastiano da Po Castle: Photography and love at first sight.
In this case bride and groom wanted something more dreamy and posed but the result is stunning! Very good job Maren!

wedding in Canalis castle

Aimèe is an Australian wedding planner herself. We are honored that a colleague chose Piemonte region for her Italian wedding! This means a lot to us….
She could not resist to the unique appeal of Castello di Cumiana also known as Palazzo dei Conti di Canalis.
The castle was built back in 1200 and it was changed many times during the centuries.
The wonderful frescos in the castle are dated 1700 and 1800 and they are the most stunning part of the entire place. The castle has also a wonderful park that could be also ideal for an outdoor aperitif or garden dinner under the stars!
We can understand why Aimee and Marco fell in love with this place!

wedding in Canalis castle Cumiana
wedding hairdresser in Cumiana Torino
wedding to Palazzo dei Conti Canalis
wedding to Palazzo dei Conti Canalis Cumiana

Aimee wanted a charming and elegant reception and we really think she choose the perfect venue and style!
Have a look to her wonderful hairdo, a perfect 30s and vintage style. Short and defined hair with little waves around her pretty face. She is simply adorable!

mini callas bridal bouquet

Aimee bouquet was really pretty too and very original.
She wanted something with mini callas almost all totally wrapped with galaxy leaves.
It was really elegant and really matched Aimee vintage style!

wedding in Cumiana church
wedding in Cumiana church Torino

Religious ceremony has been held in the closer Santa Maria della Motta church.
It is located very close to the castle right in Cumiana.
The church is amazing….it was founded in 1407 by the same Lords of the castle Casalis Family. It is dedicated to Holy Mary and it has wonderful frescos on the ceiling, just like the castle.
Guests and bride and groom reached the church monumental local marble steps.

wedding in Cumiana castle
wedding in Cumiana castle Piedmont
wedding in Cumiana castle Piedmont Italy
wedding in Canalis castle Piedmont Italy

Reception to follow was planned in the stunning rooms of Castello di Cumiana. All Australian guests were amazed by the beauty if this wonderful venue.

castle reception venue in Piedmont Italy
Canalis castle reception venue in Piedmont Italy

Maren chose the wide park with secular trees, ancient corners, charming rooms that saw the romantic love between Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy and young Carlotta Canalis (future Marquise of Spingo) for Aimee and Marco wedding photos….a romantic frame for sure!

Torino castle reception venue in Piedmont Italy

The huge Chantilly cream wedding cake was the final for a wonderful day for Aimee and Marco and for their guests.
A dream countryside wedding just few steps from Torino!

All Images © Ollmann-Ottaviano, Torino – www.photographi.it © All rights reserved.


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