Choose a Castle in Piemonte for your elegant & romantic wedding in Italy


We are going towards the end of summer wedding season and we thought that a castle wedding could be a good idea to welcome Autumn.
We love castles, they have a very special and mystic appeal! A wedding in a castle could be romantic elegant and really unique!

Castles in Piemonte

Piemonte region was the region where former Royal Italian family used to live so you can imagine how many castles dot the region.
In details Canavese area has many on its territory and they are almost all far from massive tourism.
We already introduced this area in our previous post talking about Jennifer and Marc’s country wedding.
All castles are located on top of hills overlooking a stunning hill view. A wild and undiscovered area that could be the perfect set for your destination wedding in Piemonte.

Discover Torino and Piemonte region

Charlotte and Luca choose for a very special castle not far from Torino and located in a small village overlooking Canavese hills.
Charlotte is coming from United States and Luca is Italian, his family is from Torino.
They both live in US and they chose to get married in Piemonte and let their guests discover the beauty of Piemonte region.

They all stayed in Torino in wonderful hotels located just in the heart of the city.
For their day before they opted for a casual pizza in the city. Guests had the chance to discover Torino and its secrets.

Wedding in the castle

On the day of the wedding all guests reached the castle in late afternoon for the ceremony in the ground of the castle.
The castle Charlotte and Luca chose is not only a wonderful reception venue but inside its walls it host a gourmand restaurant and a beautiful hotel.
Charlotte and her ladies got ready just in one of the best suites of the castle and at the right moment she came down from the antique stairs to reach the ceremony area.

Have a special look to Charlotte dress….very original and very chic. It is in a way modern but also very elegant and classic… the right choice for a wedding in a castle. We have to remember also floral decorations!
Luca’s mum and her friends were able to create a wonderful atmosphere for this wedding a very special gift Charlotte and Luca could not refuse!
Luca followed local tradition…. where bridal bouquet is given as last gift as fiance to the bride so she received it at the altar by Luca.
Charlotte was surprised but she really liked the surprise!

Ceremony and aperitif in the castle court

The romantic ceremony performed by Luca’s friend was held in one of the court of the castle. For the occasion we planned a white carpet and lovely chairs.
When Charlotte arrived she was like a vision in this context!

After the ceremony a long and rich aperitif was served in the main court of the castle. Have a look to the beauty of this venue isn’t it a dream?
While their guest were enjoying the aperitif Charlotte and Luca had the chance to take some lovely and fun pictures too. A castle like this could be the perfect set for some elegant wedding photos.

Reception and party in the castle

After a wonderful meal in the rooms of the castle group got back in the court for the cutting of the traditional Italian cake, some dances, drinks and a special surprise a sugared almond tasting.
Charlotte really wanted to let their American guests taste a touch of Italy with our sugared almonds. They are really traditional in our country at weddings and they also brings good luck. Instead of favors she wanted a selection of different flavors sugared almond and some candies too.
It was a real success!

A very special thank to Independent Pictures. They were able to capture wonderful moments and great shots for this lovely and romantic wedding in a Piemonte Castle!

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