A Wonderful Country Jewish Wedding in Monferrato – Piemonte Countryside

With this post we have the pleasure to tell you about a wonderful Jacqueline and Florian’s wedding. We planned for June 2014 in Monferrato – Piemonte Countryside.
It was just in these when Piemonte Countryside Monferrato and Langhe were listed in UNESCO World Heritage. The best time to celebrate!


Jacqueline is a wonderful American girl coming from New York and Florian is German living and working in New York too.
We had the pleasure to meet them with Jacqueline’s parents in 2013. We toured some venues together and when we reached wonderful Relais you see in these photos, they literally fell in love with it. We guess why!


We have been already here in occasion of other weddings. Do you remember them? A Country Wedding in a stunning Relais on Monferrato vines hills.


Jacqueline and Florian chose a warm day at the end of June for their special day.
Jacqueline wanted a Jewish ceremony in the countryside, outdoor in the nature.

A party of guests coming from all over the world joined the joyful couple and their families for celebrations.
We planned for them a wonderful day before event to get together. A trip over Langhe hill for a wine tasting, a visit to vines yards and rehearsal dinner in a slow presidium venue to follow.


On the day of the wedding everything was ready for them.
Jacqueline and her pretty bridesmaids got ready in one of the most beautiful room of the Relais with antique furniture and original frescoes on the ceiling.
So Italian style! Just like Jacqueline wanted.



Florian got ready with his grooms men in another area of the hotel.



Before celebrations, Jacqueline and Florian wanted a so-called First sight photo session.
They met in the Relais maze – a wonderful Italian garden labyrinth in the grounds of the hotel.
A very private moment that both will remember for a long time. It was simply joyful and happy just like Jacqueline and Florian are.



After that ceremony could start.
Jacqueline got back to her room to refresh her make up and she waited there for the right moment to reach the ceremony venue with her parents and bridesmaids.





A wonderful Jewish ceremony was waiting for her.
Lovely Rabbi Barbara was a real master of ceremony for the day. She fondly guided Jacqueline and Florian and her families through these emotional moments.



Floral designer created a wonderful Huppah in the park of the Relais. It featured drapes and pretty Florentine vases with flowers Jacqueline loved: pastel peonies and roses, hydrangeas and greenery.
The Huppah is a canopy under which the couple stands during the Jewish ceremony. It symbolises the home that bride and groom will build together.
On top of the Huppah, Rabbi Barbara placed Jacqueline’s Tallit – a prayer shawl – that she wore for the first time on her Bar Mitzvahs.
Inside the Huppah we placed a table where Rabbi Barbara put Jacqueline and Florian’s Ketubah, a glass for the wine and a rope to bless the couple at the end of he ceremony.
After grooms men and bridesmaids entrance, Florian arrived with his parents and same did Jacqueline.




A moving Ceremony begin. Rabbi Barbara started to read and pray in Yiddish explaining in English what was happening. Even non Jewish guests could understand.
Jacqueline’s grand father offered blessed wine to the couple and Rabbi presented the rings.
Then bride could start encircling the groom. in Jewish ceremonies bride walks around the groom seven times and after this Rabbi Barbara could perform the traditional seven blessings.
Jacqueline and Florian pronounced their vows, parents blessed them with a hand on their shoulders and witnesses showed everybody the Ketubah, the traditional nuptial agreement that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom in relation to the bride.
Now Florian could break the glass! Rabbi Barbara said that the more pieces Florian would have got the longest would be couple’s happiness.
Everybody blessed them saying Mazel Tov!
As the first kiss of just married Jewish couples needs to be private, Rabbi Barbata hided the couple with her Tallit. What a great emotional moment for everybody!





Jacqueline planned a great surprise for Florian.
She wanted the original Team of Asti Flag Throwers to greet them at their recessional.
Everybody loved it!
They were amazing and it was a real authentic and traditional Piemonte Monferrato touch for this special wedding!




Rich and gourmand aperitif was served in the courtyard of the Relais and Jacqueline and Florian took the chance to have some wonderful wedding photos in the vines by the Relais with their families and bridal party. Monferrato vines landscape is simply amazing! A Perfect set for stunning country wedding photos.
Gianluca and Mary Adovasio were the two great photographers of the day. Thank you guys for your hard work!





The whole party could then move to reception venue.
We planned it under a wonderful wisteria pergola of the Relais. It was decorated with shabby hanging lanterns and fairy lights. They created a simple and magical atmosphere.
On the table lots of flowers on crystal holders. A loose natural country style for centrepieces made with pastel peonies, hydrangeas, roses and herbs. A little branch of rosemary on each seat as names card and chalk boards as wedding signs. Little touches and details that made the event pretty and fine as Jacqueline wanted.




Right after Jacqueline and Florian’s official entrance and before moving speeches, Rabbi Barbara explained what the newly weds were going to do respecting Jewish tradition.
A big Challah – a special Jewish braided bread – was presented on a silver tray.
Bride and groom needed to catch the two sides of the Challah and pull. The one between the two who got the bigger piece of bread would have been the head of the family…. Florian won!



Jacqueline and Florian really appreciate Piemonte cuisine and wines. They wanted a traditional Piemonte food menu for their reception menu. It featured Bra Sausage, Tajarin pasta, Fassona meat, delicious Piemonte wines and a traditional Piemonte wedding cake with hazelnuts: Diabella cake.
Wedding cake was served in a private small garden of the Relais.
Everybody celebrated it lighting up fun sparklers.



We planned Four other fun corners placed side of the dance floor.
The first one was Jacqueline and Florian’s “guests book” table.
Rather than having a traditional book and being wine lovers they decided to have… wine bottles as guest book.
All guests signed precious bottles of Barolo, Barbaresco and Nebbiolo that they will open on their 5th, 10th and 20th anniversaries. Isn’t it sweet?


The second corner was favours table. with sweet jar of honey on. Each jar had honey spoon with “Life is sweet” written on.


The third corner was a Cigar Bar table for men. Personalised matches, Cuban and Italian cigars to taste on it. All men loved it.


The fourth and maybe the most fun one was a Nutella Bar table!
A long table with lots of Nutella jars. Guests could spread Nutella on croissants, bread, strawberries, biscuits, breadsticks.
A wonderful tasty and sweet treat for ladies and not only!


Architectural lights lighten up a great dance floor. Everybody danced and had fun up to late at night.
But before this… another bit of Jewish tradition: the Hora.
Guests raised bride and groom on two chairs following Israeli tradition. Now it is really time to party up to late at night.



A wonderful great Jewish wedding in Piemonte Countryside I will never forget.
Thank you Jacqueline and Florian for sharing this wonderful moment with us, you are great, we miss you all!

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