A Vespa Tour and a Surprise Wedding in Langhe

This is a post you can’t really miss!
We were just so happy to plan this wedding that we are really looking forward to tell you all details. Ingredients of the day are: a group of English guests, some Vespas, a surprise wedding, a beautiful bride, stunning Piemonte Countryside Langhe with its hills and vineayards and a fine dinner in Michelin starred restaurant. Let’s mix all this and the result will be a wonderful event!!
But let’s go step by step

A Surprise Wedding in Langhe in Piemonte Countryside

When Claudine contacted us, date of the wedding was very close by but this was not a problem at all. She had already planned some details by herself and asked our help to put all together, give some more advices on wedding professionals to hire, venues to choose and coordination of the day. We got on board immediately!
The plan was: inviting all family and friends to a wonderful Relais in Langhe, organizing some events with them and close the day with a fine dinner. What almost all the guests did not know was that, somewhere and somehow in middle of these events, Claudine and John would have got married!
This was the well kept secret that only few people could know.
We loved the project at first sight!

01_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 02_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe

Vespa Tour in Piemonte Countryside on Langhe hills and vineyards

One of the event planned for the group was a real and fun Vespa tour in Piemonte Country side around Langhe hills and vineyards!
Claudine and John rented all original Vespas for their guests and gave them an itinerary for a treasure hunting.
This was also a good way to keep all guest away from the preparatives of the wedding ceremony there were going on at the Relais where all stayed.
Every couple of guests had a mission and a Vespa. Our photographer of Independent Pictures Team were on a Vespa too for the shooting of the tour.
Sometimes being a wedding photographer could hide different tasks to accomplish!!!
In the meanwhile Claudine was getting read at the Relais….. secretly!

03_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 04_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 05_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 06_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 07_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 08_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 09_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe

Wedding ceremony in a Wonderful Relais in Langhe

You may recognize the Relais we are talking about….. you’ve already seen it in occasion of Benedikte and Raymond’s wedding last year.
Claudine and John opted for the same venue for their wedding ceremony.
This wonderful Relais in Langhe has a small chapel where you can celebrate your wedding blessing in a wonderful context. The chapel used to be a church, now it is deconsecrated but still available for wedding blessings or symbolic ceremonies.

So, after the Vespa tour, all guests refreshed and got ready for a mysterious aperitif….. that was a wedding ceremony instead!
When Claudine arrived with her pretty flower girl everybody was amazed!
Decorations in the chapel were very romantic all made with white and pink Baby’s Breath branches and candles.
Bridal bouquet matched light pink and white theme, a simple composition but very elegant.
The sound a string quartet and the sweet voice of a Soprano made the ceremony so moving and dreamy…. Claudine was really moved. We were all moved too!

10_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 11_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 12_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 13_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 14_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 15_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 16_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe

Country Pictures overlooking Langhe Vineyards

After the ceremony and lot of happy hugs and kisses from all the surprised and amazed group for newly weds. Then, right after, Claudine and John took some time for themselves to take some picture in the big garden Relais owns.
It doesn’t take too much time to get some stunning wedding photos when the atmosphere and landscape is so beautiful!
Have a look to great job Independent Pictures did for Claudine and John!

17_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 18_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 19_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 20_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 21_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe

A Wedding Reception in a Michelin Starred Restaurant

In the meanwhile all guests got on vans to reach close by Michelin Starred Restaurant where the reception was planned.
Claudine and John arrived just few minutes after them.

To keep a touch of Italian style Claudine wanted names cards on wine corks, little bottles of Limoncello and boxes of traditional sugared almonds as favors for her guests.
A good choice, everybody loved it!
Centerpieces were made of tall glass vases, white and light pink roses with a lot of greenery to match the green landscapes of Langhe hills.

Restaurant Claudine and John chose is one of the most known and remarked in Piemonte Countryside.
It has a wonderful terrace overlooking Langhe hills and vineyards and an elegant room overlooking outside for seated reception.
Food and wine served here are delicious! Courses prepared by famous Chef Maurilio are simply amazing, delicate and tasty at the same time following and respecting Piemonte long lasting food tradition.
We cannot forget Piemonte wines they served… the best for sure!

 22_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 23_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 24_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 25_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 26_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 27_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 28_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe 29_Vespa-tour-weeding-in-Langhe

We had so much fun planning this Surprise Wedding in Piemonte Countryside.
Vespa tour was a real hit and the whole day full of joy and happiness.
Many events to follow and plan, a lot to do but a great fun for us and the guests. And most of all being again in Langhe hills and vineyards is a joy for our eyes, landscape is simply amazing and Piemonte food delicious….. what you are waiting for? Come and discover all!


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