A remote destination for a unique rustic wedding

Claire and Fabrizio are a wonderful couple.
They have great ideas and most of all they love the area where they live. They come from different part of the world but they recently decided to live in Alta Langa and they really love it!


We told you many times about Langhe area in general on our pages. It is Piemonte country area par excellence.
Wonderful hills of vineyards where best Italian wines are produces such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo. Here landscape are natural rustic and simply beautiful. Hills touch a deep blue and clear sky and there is a country relaxing peace here that you cannot find so easily elsewhere.
Alta Langa area is a little part of Langhe. It is located South East close by Liguria region border. It is almost wild with many forests and quite high – around 450-800 meters above the sea level.


We told you about this area in occasion of Catherine and Giuseppe’s wedding do you remember about them?
In Alta Langa you could find some of the most beautiful rustic and ancient castles of Piemonte region. So, just like Catherine and Giuseppe did, Claire and Fabrizio chose a castle too but they planned something completely different.

Claire chose and did almost all by herself and the final result was just amazing and so country and rustic!
Have a look to these wonderful shots taken by Independent Pictures photographers.

Claire decided to get ready right in the castle. The stones of the castle created a very special atmosphere. They framed such an intimate moment for the bride.




We can really say that Claire wanted a hay-themed wedding.
Ceremony was planned outdoor in the big meadow in front of the castle on the upper hill. Rather than having all guests close to them they preferred to scatter them all around the big area. Some sat on rustic wooden chairs and some others on original hay bales.
The table of the ceremony was in stone just like the walls of the castle.
An relaxed country atmosphere for a very romantic moment.



Claire was just beautiful in her laces wedding dress and what about the bouquet?
White romantic hydrangeas with some hay and dried herbs inside. Very original for sure. It couldn’t be different with such an original couple!









After the ceremony the couple took some moments for a little walk for some romantic wedding shots at the sunset. Being on top of Langhe hills the landscape was simply amazing and truly natural, just like Claire and Fabrizio dreamt.




And then it is time for the reception! A rich Piemonte rustic cuisine dinner was served in the lower hill.
Big meadow was divided in a clever way. Reception area, relaxing area and party area. All was planned outdoor under a blue Langhe sky!





Reception decorations matched the style Claire wanted. Very simple and rustic but still very charming.
Lovely cotton white table clothes, wicker under pates, wooden chairs, a simple floral decoration made of a single hydrangea in a jam jar with water.
All this means that to make a perfect day there is no need to spend a huge amount of money if you do not want to. Some good ideas and taste is enough.




One of the best part of the dinner was surely cheese buffet served with hand made jars and an traditional Italian wedding cake made with fresh summer fruits.

traditional italian wedding cake

Guests were all happy and relaxed and they enjoyed so much the atmosphere Claire and Fabrizio created to host them. A very good choice guys!

Party went on up to late at night right after Claire’s bouquet throwing.
We cannot imagine something more rustic and country style than Claire and Fabrizio’s wedding in Alta Langa.





And if you like this atmosphere come and discover Alta Langa an off beaten track wedding destination that you will surely love… you may also meet us and Claire and Fabrizio they will be more than happy to show you all undiscovered corner of this amazing land.

A very special thanks for Independent Pictures for these wonderful shots.

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