A stunning wedding at La Badia in Orvieto

A stunning wedding at La Badia in Orvieto

Many couples coming from abroad dream about a country destination wedding in Italy. Most of them think about Tuscany as it is the most popular country destination in Italy. As the matter of fact it is surely one of the most beautiful wedding destination for many reasons: excellent food, amazing landscapes and great atmosphere. However there is another country wedding destination that could be simply idea. It is less known than Tuscany but as beautiful as Tuscany: Umbria and it is amazing venues. Among all we can tell you about a stunning wedding at La Badia in Orvieto.

Umbria, an amazing country destination for your wedding in Italy

Umbria borders with Tuscany to north-west and west. It borders with Lazio region to south and south-west and with Marche to north-east and east. It is a magnificent destination if you love art, italian cuisine and stunning green landscapes.

Talking about art, great artists such as Perugino, Giotto, Cimabue, Nicola Pisano, Arnolfo di Cambio left their mark in many Umbria cities. In fact he region still preserves its historical and artistic heritage.

Getting married in Umbria

Umbria Cities for your Special Wedding in Italy

Umbria is also called the Italian green lung . Natural landscapes, forests, mountains, lakes and rivers can be the perfect frames for your country destination wedding in Italy. The region has 6 natural parks!
There are many things to see in Perugia, Umbria main city. Perugia is the true cultural heart of the region. Here you can admire Piazza della Fontana Maggiore, Palazzo dei Priori, Cathedral of San Lorenzo. You can also have a visit to rich museums telling story of Etruscan and medieval past of the city.
It worths discovering the villages, one above all is Assisi. Assisi village is the home town of St. Francis and St. Clare. Both are great destinations for religious an artistic tourism. Gubbio, Spoleto, Spello and Foligno are just some of the other destinations to visit in this magnificent region.

Wedding at La Badia in Orvieto, a top wedding venue in Umbria

Let’s go back Jean and James’ stunning wedding at Badia in Orvieto. Badia venue is one of the most beautiful venues in Umbria and in all the country.

Jean and James came from the United States. They that have dreamed about getting married in our beautiful country for years. They chose Badia in Orvieto, Umbria, for its charm . So they travelled from US with their friends and families to enjoy some wonderful Italian days here. As the matter of fact La Badia is also a wonderful hotel.

Color palette of the wedding was based on white and light pink. We added these colors in all the details of the wedding. Jean’s bouquet had roses, peonies and olive leaves. Ceremony decoration was made up a round arch with flowers and lots of candles. Long table for the wedding reception had amazing decorations made with flowered silver candelabras and lots of candles.

A romantic wedding ceremony inside La Badia

We decided to organise the symbolic ceremony inside the refectory of the venue. Refectory is a beautiful setting if the weather is uncertain. The hall is decorated with beautiful frescoes adding a sacred and historic atmosphere to your Italian wedding.

We planned aperitif the inner court where caterer placed buffets with Umbrian delicatessens such as typical breads, cold cuts cheeses accompanied by Umbrian wines.

An outdoor wedding reception at La Badia

A stunning wedding at La Badia in Orvieto cannot miss the seated dinner, in the beautiful and famous open air space. A marquee was set up just in case of bad weather. It was enriched with thousands fairy lights that gave wedding dinner a warm and romantic effect.

The climax of the wedding reception dinner was the cutting go the wedding cake: American layer cake covered with lots of beautiful flowers and candles.

Jean and James’ wedding was surely a stunning wedding at la Badia in Orvieto, a colored and joyful event. I so happy that two lovely people like them chose us as their wedding planners for their special wedding in Umbria. They will remain in my heart forever.

We wish to thank Rossini photographers for the amazing wedding pictures of Jean and James’ stunning wedding at Badia in Orvieto.


STEFANIA ZEN wedding planner for Umbria and Tuscany regions

Wedding planner at La Badia in Orvieto, Umbria

Hi this is Stefania.
I really hope you enjoyed reading my post.
I’m Italian Wedding Company planner and coordinator for Tuscany and Umbria regions.
I also work in Apulia. Central and Southern Italy countryside areas are waiting for you!

I live in Rome and I also plan weddings over the eternal city. Tuscany, Umbria and Apulia are not far from where I live. These destinations are very dear to me. They are my home and the locations I love. I’m happy to share with you all the secrets of these lands. If you want to plan a wedding in these areas do not hesitate to contact me.

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