Monferrato Countryside wedding in a real Motion Picture

Asti Monferrato vineyard wedding in Italy

Thanks to great video maker Riccardo Lavezzo who lives right in Piemonte countryside but works all over Italy, this month we are able to tell you about a wonderful wedding in a different way.
This is our special gift for the last post of 2011….as a good wish for the new year that is arriving!

Rather than posting all the photos of this wonderful event we are showing you their video which is a real motion picture that we are sure you will love.

Jennifer and Carl got married on a wonderful day of the end of May and they choose lovely town of Asti and Monferrato area for their wedding.
Before coming in these stunning places they’ve both been here before. Carl have a lot of good friends here. He always loved wonderful landscapes, vine hills, traditional cuisine and literally fell in love with pretty town of Asti and wanted Jennifer being part of all this, too!

wedding planners in Monferrato Italy
Asti vineyard wedding in Italy

Asti is located right in the centre of this wonderful area called Monferrato.
Side of Langhe area this is the other great area where you will have the chance to meet the real Piemonte countryside with its vines hills and stunning landscapes.
Asti is a wonderful ancient town. It has been founded by Ancient Romans and knew its golden age during Middle Age.
It has been also a very important center for former Italian Royal Family of Savoy and you can see traces of this presence all over the town.

Asti Monferrato vineyard wedding in Italy
Asti Piemonte vineyard wedding in Italy

Jennifer and Carl wanted for their wedding a simple yet charming frame.
Little villages and especially vines. They both lived in a big American city and being here for them was just a blessing. They’ve found in Monferrato a human atmosphere made of deep, lovely and friendly relationships, good cuisine and great wines that in a way are the roots of humanity.
For this reason for the days before and after the wedding they planned a wonderful tour in local cellars to taste and know the great richness of Monferrato wines.

catholic ceremony to cathedral of San Secondo in Asti Piedmont
wedding ceremony to cathedral of San Secondo in Asti Piedmont

They both stayed in Asti to get ready and choose wonderful Cathedral of San Secondo in Asti mainsquare for their catholic ceremony.
The ceremony was really elegant with candles, fine details and the sound of the organ as background.
The great surprise was a big group of flag flyers who celebrated the exit of bride and groom with a great exhibition of flying flags and drums.
This is a very important Medieval Asti tradition that is is passed on through generations.
Isn’t it a great idea?
But better let Riccardo Lavezzo’s video speak for itself, just have a look at that you will fell in love with this atmosphere.

flag flyers wedding in Asti, sbandieratori di Asti
flag flyers for weddings in Asti

For the shooting Riccardo Lavezzo and his team worked in the wonderful town of Asti and vines in the surroundings, the little village of Calliano where the reception held.
The restaurant Jennifer and Carl choose is one of the best of the area where you could taste a wonderful traditional cuisine.

wedding planners in Asti Italy
countryside wedding reception in Asti Monferrato Italy

A special thanks to Jennifer and Carl who were just amazing during the shooting, so candid…a wonderful couple in love.

Another great thank to Riccardo Lavezzo and his team for the video he provided.
A great job indeed!

vineyard vedding in Monferrato Italy

We also take the opportunity here to wish a wonderful 2012 to our readers hoping that you will keep on following us!
Thanks to all of you and to our great Team and web master that makes all this possible!


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