A wedding in Piemonte Country Side Castle

This month we would like to talk you about a couple who got married some time ago but they are both still in our heart.
Alessandro and Carmen are a wonderful Italian-Spanish couple.
They choose one of the most beautiful of Piemonte countryside for their wedding.
A wonderful and elegant reception in the nature!

catholic ceremony in Piemonte countryside

Carmen and Alessandro really wanted a catholic ceremony in a little church few kilometers from the castle.
A wonderful church inside that was also Alessandro’s parish church!
Alessandro and Carmen religious ceremony was really special and it was an ideal meeting of Italian and Spanish traditions. Two cultures that are really close one to each other for a very special union!
During the catholic ceremony bride and groom exchanged their vows in Italian and Spanish and after the exchange of the rings they also exchanged their “Arras”.
They are traditional golden coins that symbolize prosperity!
During the catholic ceremony Carmen really wanted a string quartet and a soprano playing and singing for her and all Spanish guests a traditional religious song with a sort of gipsy melody: Salve Rociera.
It was a great success Carmen was really moved and all guests simply loved the music!

religious wedding ceremony in Piemonte countryside
wedding ceremony in Piemonte countryside

After the ceremony all guests moved to the Castle for some lovely pictures in the park with a rich aperitif overlooking the hills of Canavese area of Piemonte.
Canavese is located North of Torino town. It is a wonderful country area far from massive tourism but really romantic and appealing. It is the area where most of Piemonte Castles are located. Magic views on hills, villages and Alps a perfect scenario for your wedding day!

castle wedding in Piemonte countryside
outdoor country wedding reception in Piemonte Italy
outdoor country wedding in Piemonte Italy

Alessandro and Carmen’s dinner was served inside the wonderful rooms of the castle with stunning frescos on the ceiling.
The full complex is made of medieval castle with towers and walls on the top of an hill overlooking the village below.

castle wedding reception in Piemonte Italy
castle wedding in Piemonte Italy

It was built to be a defensive fortress. Family Biandrate, relatives of Savoy Royal family and French Roayal Familu owned it from its establishment.
During 1700 it was turned into a noble castle, this is the reason because we can now admire so many frescos inside the wide rooms.

floral arrangement in Martini glass
wedding centerpieces in Martini glass

Elegant floral arrangement in Martini glass vases made Carmen and Alessandro’s reception even more elegant and charming!
And talking abut wedding details tables Carmen and Alessandro wanted on the tables hand made watercolors showing landscapes of couples’ beloved places in the world. A lovely way to give tables a name for the table chart!

wedding in a castle of Piemonte Italy
wedding dinner to Canavese castle Piemonte Italy
wedding party in a Castle of Piemonte Italy

After the dinner dances and lot of fun until late at night!
A Wedding in a Castle can be natural, charming, chic, elegant but also a great fun for all your guests!
Don’t you think so?


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