A “Slow Food” Wedding in Piemonte Countryside

This time we would like to come back in Langhe and Pollenzo (near Bra – remember Patricia and Richard’s wedding) to tell you about Adriano and Virna’s wedding.
Adriano is coming from Italian Riviera, Savona and Virna’s hometown is not far from there they decided for Langhe because they were literally in love with the area.


As we mentioned in our previous post that Pollenzo is a lovely little town founded by ancient Romans.
It has also a great medieval which was completely recovered.
Pollenzo has a wondeful Castle with lodge where Agenzia complex is loated. It is made up by Albergo dell’Agenzia, University of Gastronomic Science and Bank of Wine is.
Pollenzo also has a court of 14 farms and more than 600 hectares of fields.


The 16 farms face all the main square and the parish church of San Vittore Martire where Adriano and Virna got married.
The little village has also a pretty maze of tiny cobbled roads that lead to ancient homes, little traditional shops which you will surely love!


One of the most important place you will find in tiny Pollenzo is Slow Food presidium and headquarter of the University of Gastronomic Sciences, founded in 2004 by the international non-profit Slow Food in cooperation with the Italian regions of Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna, is a ministerially recognized, private non-profit institution.

The aim of this new university is the international research and education center for those working on renewing farming methods, protecting biodiversity, and building an organic relationship between gastronomy and agricultural science.
The result is a new professional figure – the gastronome – skilled in production, distribution, promotion, and communication of high-quality foods. Gastronomes are the next generation of educators and innovators, editors and multimedia broadcasters, marketers of fine products, and managers of consortia, businesses, and tourism companies. 

Virna was one of these lucky students here!
And this was one of the main reasons because they decided for this lovely place to tie their knot.


Adriano and Virna decided for a religious wedding in the Church of San Vittore Martire in Pollenzo just few steps from their reception venue: famous Ristorante Guido.
We can ensure this is one of the most famous restaurant in Northern Italy.
It was born for the union of two great Piemonte chef one from Guido da Costigliole (Asti) e and one from La Noce di Volpiano (Torino).
People come from every part of the world to taste this wondeful cuisine!
Guido da Costigliole managed by famous chef Guido Alciati and his family always displayed simple and traditional cuisine from Piemonte tradition.
La Noce managed by Savino Mangelli and Marcella Assandri displayed a refined and elegant but still traditional cuisine.
Ristorante Guido was born thanks to the heirs of these family (Alciati and Mongelli) and it is the perfect match and mix the two traditions!
Here you will taste gourmand dishes that you will never forget!


Virna and Adriano wanted to give their guests a wonderful culinary experience and they succeeded in it!
The Restaurant can host up to 50 guests the perfect choice for Adriano and Virna’s group.


Adriano and Virna choose Simone Mottura – Blanco Y Negro as their wedding photographer in Langhe region.
Simone Mottura was able to catch the special moments of this event in a great way….just have a look to his great shots.


The restaurant is still part of the complex of Agenzia (Hotel, Univesity and Bank of wine) but it is a little bit aside.
It shares with them the wonderful portico, the little square and the pretty garden. In a way it is the right connecting point with all features of the Complex of Agenzia.


So just a little dive into traditions for Virna and Adriano and their guests.
They planned a perfect event to be away from confusion and frenzy touristy places. A slow country wedding feeling the complete harmony and calm of Piemonte Country side.

All Images © Simone Mottura – Blanco Y Negro © All rights reserved.


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