A Country Wedding in Black and White

country wedding to Villa Giannone Piemonte Italy
We have already told you about Abbazia di Santo Spirito – Villa Giannone a wonderful venue on North of Piemonte where you could find the appeal of countryside together with great scenarios of Lake Maggiore.

wedding to Abbazia Santo Spirito

The appeal of this venue is no doubt his very ancient history in a quiet and rich nature where green and flowers are at their best!
Today we would like to show Abbazia of Santo Spirito under a different point of view for a country wedding.

Alessandro-Ambrosetti-wedding photographer

The main characters of the event are Elisa and Gabriele, a wonderful couple from Vercelli – Piedmont who chose Alessandro Ambrosetti as photographer for their special day. He was great creating magic and timeless images!

wedding in private chapel Villa Giannone Italy
Calla arm sheaf bouquet
private church wedding Villa Giannone Italy

Religious ceremony has been held in the private ancient chapel of the Abbazia.
Have a look to elegant arm sheaf bouquet of the bride made up with all white callas.

wedding reception room Villa Giannone Piemonte
lake Maggiore wedding planner

Dinner to follow was arranged in the wonderful Reception Room in the area that was the ancient armory of the Abbazia.

wedding catering lake Maggiore
wedding catering Piemonte Italy

The party went on in the garden with the wonderful cake cut and bouquet throwing.
Some other great shots for Elisa and Gabriele in the Abbazia with a romantic heart shaped frame with dozens of candles!

country wedding in Piemonte Italy
wedding castle Arona lago Maggiore
lake Maggiore country wedding venue

Have a look to these lovely shots: monochromatic shots are wonderful because they take away the distraction from the color and they are more focused on shapes, shadows and expressions.

lake Maggiore wedding photographer

Great job Alessandro Ambrosetti and our best wishes to Elisa and Gabriele for their original choice.


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