Your Special Country Wedding in Umbria

Umbria is Italy's green heart. It is located in the very center of the Italian Country between Tuscany and Adriatic sea coastal regions. Its bigger sister Tuscany is undoubtedly much more famous. Still, we can ensure that this little area has enchanting locations for a fantastic country wedding.


country wedding in Umbria

Destination Country Wedding in Umbria

A country wedding in Umbria is authentic. Here you can explore something different and surely less touristy. Hills, meadows, a small lake, and medieval hamlets are just some of the Umbrian beauties.

01/ Umbria Green Incoming

Suppose you are in love with Tuscany but want something different and less famous. In that case, Umbria is the right destination for you. It features hills, mountains, forests, rivers, falls, and a little lake too.
Perugia, Montepulciano, Assisi, Gubbio and Spoleto are all wonderful towns with magic countryside.

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Country wedding in Umbria
Italian experience in the countrysid

02/ A fantastic Italian experience in the countryside

Lake Trasimeno is an excellent spot for a Lake wedding in Central Italy. Being so close to Tuscany Umbria heritage is immense. A Country Wedding in Umbria can be stylish, chic, but also very authentic and romantic.
In Orvieto, you can find the famous church with no roof. It is one of the most wanted wedding venues that can host a dreamy wedding reception.
If you are a foodie, Umbria won't disappoint you as delicious dishes with mushrooms and truffles are just waiting for you.
Umbria is a perfect spot for a fantastic Italian experience in the countryside, not far from Tuscany but with an extraordinary and different character.

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03/ Your Country Wedding Planner in Umbria

Stefania Zen is our planner and coordinator for your Country wedding in Umbria. She works between Tuscany and Umbria regions, and she knows every secret of these lands. Her unique taste for beauty and her love for nature can guide you through planning the country wedding you want. Stefania has comprehensive experience planning big weddings but also romantic Country elopes.

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Countryside wedding in Umbria