Your Special Country Wedding in Tuscany

Tuscany is located in central Italy, not far from Rome. It is the cradle of Italian culture. Its romantic towns are among the most famous all over the world. A Country Wedding in Tuscany is a dream for many couples. Its enchanting olive groves, hills, white roads are going to welcome you and let you enjoy the real essence of a traditional Italian Wedding.


Tuscany countryside

Destination Country Wedding in Tuscany


01/ Medieval towns

Tuscany is undoubtedly the most know country wedding destination in Italy.
Pisa, Siena, Lucca, Florence, and amazing Chianti hills and many medieval towns along white roads will welcome you in Tuscany. Tuscany is undoubtedly one of the most wanted wedding destinations in Italy.
Sunflowers, olive groves, and mild temperatures will be the ideal setting for your outdoor Country Wedding in Tuscany. Tuscany is surely one of the most wanted Italian wedding destination!

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Countryside wedding in Tuscany
wines and traditional Tuscan cuisine

02/ Delicious wines and traditional Tuscan cuisine

Little towns and cities have so much to offer for a wedding.
Civil and religious ceremonies can be performed in beautiful historical palaces or churches and basilicas.
A civil ceremony can be completed in an ancient palace while the religious one in stunning churches.

Villas, Agriturismo, or hamlets will let you feel at ease and wonderfully relaxed in perfect harmony with nature.

You will taste delicious Chianti or Sangiovese wines and savor traditional Tuscan cuisine.
A romantic Country wedding in Tuscany is waiting for you!

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03/ Your Country Wedding Planner in Tuscany

Stefania Zen is our wedding planner and coordinator for your romantic Country Wedding in Tuscany.
She says: 'When I take my couples to visit before their wedding to choose their favorite venue, they are always: wow!'
She is the right planner for your Country Wedding in Tuscany. She has vast experience, and she can suggest the best locations and venues to make your wedding dream come true. Tuscany has no secrets to her, so her great taste will be the perfect guide for you.

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Countryside wedding in Tuscany