Your Special Country Wedding in Franciacorta, Valpolicella & Soave

 Franciacorta, Valpolicella, and Soave areas are among the most important vineyard areas in North/North-East Italy. They are located between Milan and Lake Garda.
Franciacorta is located very close to Brescia and intimate Lake Iseo and Lake Como. It is a hilly forest territory with fabulous vineyards of Franciacorta wines. Soave is located close to the Verona area, and Valpolicella is located not far from Lake Garda. This is the land of famous Italian Prosecco! They are three beautiful destinations for a romantic country wedding in an off-beaten track destination. This for real wine lovers!


Franciacorta, Valpolicella & Soave

Destination Country Wedding in Franciacorta, Valpolicella & Soave

Off beaten track destinations for a unique country wedding close to Milan and Lake Garda.

01/ Franciacorta

The Franciacorta area is located in Northern Italy. We are in the Lombardy region close to Lake Iseo and Lake Como. It is an undiscovered Italian jewel. Franciacorta extends among gentle slopes covered with vineyards, small stone villages, and ancient palaces. It is a Land of winemakers. You can taste excellent wines in cool cellars, full of history and fascination. Delicious dishes offered in classy, refined restaurants or cheerful “agriturismo” will be part of your country wedding reception. You can also enjoy a pleasant walk close by Lake Iseo shores, which stands out Monte Isola, the most significant European lake island. In Franciacorta, you will find peace and quietness for accommodations dip in nature or harmoniously inserted in historical villages that had watched the slow flow of time. Imagine your wedding among old walls or luxuriant green hills.

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Countryside wedding in Franciacorta
Countryside wedding in Valpolicella

02/ Valpolicella

Valpolicella area is located not far from Franciacorta. We are located not far from Verona, Lake Garda, and Venice. It Boars with Lombardy region, it is located in the Veneto region.
It is another land of beautiful wines, the land of Italian Prosecco! So this is a must for bubbles lovers! Ancient noble families used to come here to spend their holidays. Beautiful villas and mansions are still available to host fabulous wedding receptions. Beautiful hills, waterfalls, caves, green countryside, cypress, olive figs and lemon trees, and vines hills! The perfect landscape for a country and stylish wedding.

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03/ Soave

Soave is another off beaten track fantastic destination with great views over vines hills. A land to discover! It is located not far from Lake Garda and Verona in the Veneto region. The land is made of beautiful hills that can be the perfect setting for your Country Wedding in Veneto. Soave is full of surprises.
Venetian style churches and palaces can host your religious and civil ceremonies. Close by villas overlooking the hills can host your reception in splendid rooms or romantic Italian gardens. The Mediterranean atmosphere and lemons scent will let you fall in love with this land. Soave land is perfect for a refined and elegant country wedding in Italy.

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Off beaten track destinations
Country wedding planner in Franciacorta

04/ Your country wedding planner in Franciacorta, Valpolicella & Soave

Veronica Frasca is our wedding planner and coordinator for your Country Wedding in Franciacorta, Valpolicella, and Soave areas.
She has a background as a designer. She is the best guide to let you discover the beauties of Lombardy and Veneto Countryside Franciacorta, Valpolicella and Soave. Veronica also has a broad experience in weddings close by Lake Garda, giving you the perfect overview of the entire location. She will be happy and pleased to guide you in every step.

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